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* Maximum torque, stroke, crowd force and extraction force are dependant on length of mast and added extensions. Consult ICE,Inc. for detailed performance capabilities. EM30 Max Performance specs* Mast Maximum torque HB55 66,500 ft-lbs 90162 Nm Drilling diameter - CFA 30 inches 760 mm Drilling diameter - Air Kelly 30 inches 760 mm Standard stroke 30 feet 9.1 m Optional stroke - (2)10’ Ext. 50 feet 15.2 m Maximum crowd force 40,000 lbs 180 kN Maximum extraction force 40,000 lbs 180 kN Mast movement Side-to-side 45° each way Fore-aft 120° each way Vertical lift 36 inches 900 mm Weights & Dimensions Weight 13,700 lbs 6215 kg Length without Ext 39.6 feet 12.07 m Length with Service Winch 40.3 feet 12.28 m Width 5.6 feet 1.7 m Depth 7.8 feet 2.4 m Optional mast extensions (multiple in 10’ legths) Length 10 feet 3 m Weight 1500 lbs 680 kg Operating equipment Rotary heads EX25 HB30 HB55 Vibrators 2 216D 14D Percussion heads ICE-formance

What makes the ICE® EM30 heavy-duty mast stand apart?

The ICE® EM30 heavy-duty mast was devel oped with heavy duty steel to enable much larger drill heads (up to 50,000 ft lbs of torque) to be used with the 30” diameter CFA and yet multipurpose enough to still be adaptable to the smaller applications. This Heavy-Duty Mast is ready with its built in rotary, tilt and travel to handle the most uneven terrain. “Simply put, you can have the mast travel up for easier articulated placement while the excavator can sit on a different plane.” Suggests Christian Cun ningham, CEO and driving force behind the HD Mast. Equipped with two winches, the Main Winch enables the perfect flow from hoisting the head to adding necessary crowd. One of the strongest out of the box features of this setup is a 30’ ICE® Kelly with center grouting and air tube making it perfect for the down-the-hole hammer, soil mixing and displacement pile work. “You know, large heavy tools require a heavy-duty mast.” Ex plains ICE® Drill Tooling Leader, Scott Bruce. “The ICE® 30’ and 40’ Kelly Bars are a sure way to get enough air into the drill.”

Configurations Solar field Install Tie-backs Auger-cast piles Sound barrier walls Micropiles Well points Foundation piers Pile predrilling Sheet piling walls Cell towers Soil nails Helical anchors Blast holes

Avail. Components Multi-10’ Mast Extensions ICE Rotatry Heads ICE Vibratory Hammers ICE Air Tooling Kelly Bar Drifters Down-the-hole Hammers Blocking Clamps Breakout Clamps Air/water Injection Continuous Flight Auger CFA Centralizer Mast Inclinometer

The ICE® heavy duty mast is completely setup to handle SOE, pre-drill op erations and specifically sound walls, solar panel fields, piled pre-drill ap plications or similar.

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