ICE Product Catalog 2023

ICE® M odel 14 D-C r V ibratory D river /E xtractor P owered by

88 Ton Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane

Designed specifically to run from designated circuits of the GTC-900 GTC-900 adds enhanced mobility to the pile driving jobs as a power pack is not required for this setup. Lighter weight enables further boom reach while still providing 48 tons (430 kN) line pull for extraction Combines high eccentric moment with a low suspended weight Optional 2,650 lbs (1200 kg) of bias weight increases pile penetration rates in difficult soils. GTC-900 offers further capabilities and details can be found at

ICE® Model 14D-Cr Vibratory Driver Tadano Crane Powered Unit Eccentric moment

1400 in-lbs 16 kg-m

Maximum frequency

1900 vpm

Driving Force

72 tons 70 tons

706kN 686kN

Centrifugal force at 53 gpm Amplitude (free w/o clamp)

1.1 in

28 mm

Standard line pull for extracting 48 tons

430 kN 430 kN

Maximum line pull for extracting

48 tons

Weight (no clamp or hoses) Non-vibrating Weight Height without clamp (H)

3935 lbs 1400 lbs


635 kg

62 in 65 in 18 in

1565 mm 1640 mm 460 mm 337 mm

Length (L) Width (W)

Throat width (TW)

13.25 in

Hydraulic hose length Hydraulic hose weight

100 ft 850 lbs

30 m

385 kg

Height with sheeting clamp (HH) Weight with sheeting clamp & 1/2 hoses

90 in

2285 mm

5510 lbs

2500 kg

Height with beam & caisson clamps 91 in

2290 mm

Weight with beam, caisson clamps & 1/2 hoses

7370 lbs

3345 kg

ICE Model 95 Sheeting Clamp Clamping Force 110 tons 985 kN Weight 1150 lbs 522 kg Clamps ICE 3’ Beam & 2 Model 105H Caisson Clamps Clamping Force 220 tons 1960 kN Weight 3,320 lbs 1510 kg

ICE Model 40 Wood Concrete & Pipe Clamp Clamping Force 40 tons 355 kN Weight 3220 lbs 1460 kg ICE Model 25B Wood Concrete & Pipe Clamp Clamping Force 25 tons 222 kN Weight 2000 lbs 900 kg

GTC-900 additional pile driving circuits provide all the power needed for this speciality crane mounted hammer offered by ICE® the leader in driven pile since 1974. *D ue to E ngineering changes , all specifications are subject the change . P lease ask engineering for updated specifications . 704-821-8200 - www . iceusa . com

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